Official – Cricket Australia wholly indifferent to fishing

Just had a gratifying response to my e-mail to Cricket Australia regarding their implicit bad-mouthing of fishing in the recent Andrew Symonds affair:

Dear Jeffrey,

Thanks for your enquiry and your feedback. Andrew Symonds was sent home from Darwin on Saturday (30-08-08) morning, from the Commonwealth Bank Series in Darwin, after his failure to attend a team meeting on Friday. The team leadership group then made the decision that he needed to spend some time away from the team to assess his priorities as an Australian cricketer. This decision was supported by Cricket Australia. Please refer to the link below for any further comment.

Cricket Australia offers its full support to Andrew, who is now taking some time away from the game to reassess his priorities.

Kind Regards

Matt Cenin

So many things impress me about this: the way he’s grasped the issues raised in my original “feedback” and carefully responded to them one by one. The way he spotted the tongue-in-cheek tone to my note and cheerily replied in kind. His considerate assumption that I was born yesterday – “reassess his priorities”, indeed.

Make a note of the name Matt Cenin. In the wonderful and not-at-all-bland world of public relations, he is set to go far.


One thought on “Official – Cricket Australia wholly indifferent to fishing

  1. I to think the response that Matt Cenin gave was wonderful and he is going to go far in the world of media, maybe the next Richi?

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