You can’t have cane without dust and cobwebs

Having recently covered Chanel’s notorious £9,000 fishing kit, it seems right that I should give a nod to someone producing a somewhat realer deal.

Per Brandin‘s custom-made bamboo rods will set you back $4,950 but going by the photograph accompanying the linked article, he needs to do something quickly about the lamentable state of his workshop.

Clean, well-lit, tidy, organised? What the hell’s that about?

These are cane rods: whimsical, rustic – a hint of better days gone by. It should be impossible for anyone to behold pictures of their place of origin without suddenly smelling coffee and hearing harmonica music.

Per, you need dust on the floor and piles of ancient fishing magazines littering your tables. You need cobwebs that shimmer in the light filtering through the lone window (preferably cracked). And paint the place sepia.

Do all this and you can probably go to $6,000 without missing a beat.


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