“I just want him to release that damn stick and shout ‘fetch'”

Those of you toying with the idea of completing the Country Life image by having your dog splashing merrily in the shallows, be warned – not all of Man’s best friends are born fishing buddies.

John Berry differentiates for us and while I’m a cat man myself, Lexie the rottweiler sounds ideal for crowded waters…

“My wife Lori’s recently deceased rottweiler, Lexie…was totally committed to protecting her but did not like the water.

Since she had a short coat, we got her a neoprene vest to provide some insulation and a bit of flotation. It was made of camouflage material which made her look even more imposing…

…When anyone would wade near Lori she would warn them with a low growl”

Good dog.

[pic courtesy of kalimistuk]

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