Miscellany Tuesday

  • If Designnobis can just get their heads around the idea that the winged-predator-landing look rather works against their market, I believe I’ve found the coolest fishing boat ever
  • Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds provides a salutary warning of the calamity that results when stuff like earning a living gets in the way of your fishing and drinking. Do his employers ever think of anyone but themselves, I wonder?
  • I’m sorry, but after reading his blog, I’m not sure I’d head off into the woods with Emo if he was the last fishing guide on the planet. “I am going on a fishing trip very soon. The anticipation is mounting; it drowns out my angst.” …”I am still alive. The blackness has not come for me yet.”…”Once, I had pride. Now, every time they cut me with their words, talk about me behind me back, or blog about me what little self-confidence is left is whittled away.” I defy anyone to read two pages of this stuff without thinking of Anthony Hopkins.

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