Pass the sick-bag – trout ice cream just a matter of time

Well what other conclusion are we supposed to draw, now that London store Harrods plans to include an Arbroath Smokie flavour in its Taste of Britain range of ice creams?

“The Taste of Britain cone also features Yorkshire pudding, sausage and mash and Worcestershire Sauce. Black pudding, Cornish pasty and Welsh Rarebit are also on the menu.”


The man behind the whole revolting idea Taste of Britain range, master gelatiera Gino Soldan, says he sees the ice cream being eaten not as a dessert but in a savoury platter or in combination.

For those of you who don’t get to pass through the Scottish town of Arbroath quite as much as you’d like, its eponymous smokie is a haddock that has been smoked over hardwood until it acquires a burnished gold colour and a full, smoky flavour.

Consumed ‘neat’, I’m sure it’s delicious but in a cocktail with dairy products…

Quite frankly, it would take a store catering for the money-no-object crowd to try and make this fly. It’s usually the jaded rich, with their quest for the next New Thing, who struggle most when it comes to discerning whether the king is in fact wearing new clothes.

I’m guessing former Arbroath fish merchant and councillor Bob Spink is not among their number.

“[smokie and ice cream] are as compatible as kippers and custard so I find the whole idea quite ridiculous. I can’t imagine there’ll ever be queues of people wanting to buy it,” opined Bob, just before telling Harrods where to go with their £419 solid brass toilet brush holder with 24-carat gold plating while they were at it.

And you Americans can wipe that superior smile off your faces…


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