Learn to fish properly? Perish the thought…

Just as kids will one day laugh at the idea of five-day cricket, so they will eventually clutch their sides in mirth at the very thought of having to rely on things like hand-eye co-ordination to cast a fishing line.

They will if Fogo have their way, at any rate. The Fogo Rocket Fishing Rod is a bait-n-bobber affair but no sniggering at the back – the fly version is probably on the test bed as we speak.

With the press of a button, the device shoots line 30 feet and the hook releases from within the bobber upon impact with the water.

Watch it and weep here. Presumably, ‘Fogo’ stands for Fear One Going Off

“With the Rocket Fishing Rod by Fogo, you never have to worry that the kids – or anyone else – will lose an eye.”

Leaving you free to worry about them terrorising grocery stores or being taken out by airport security.


2 thoughts on “Learn to fish properly? Perish the thought…

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