Small-screen Monday at Taunted By Waters

The days of stuttering Internet video are fast becoming a thing of the past as Web technology improves. Some of you will doubtless be monumentally disappointed to discover that SpanishFlyTV is all about saltwater flyfishing but I hope the exotic locations are some consolation…

You’ll find a small selection of freshwater videos – and some rather fine wallpapers – over at Sporting Fly and Midcurrent has a clip of Joan Wulff offering casting advice.


If you’re suitably inspired by the above, however, don’t expect Olympian long-distance swimmer David Davies to man your landing net. The Welshman apparently has a distinct wariness towards any other living things that happen to share his favourite medium.

Davies, 23, is taking part in the Olympics’ newest event– the 10km open-water race but it seems like homo sapiens won’t be his only concern once the starter’s pistol fires.

“If I saw a big fish, I’d be scared,” said the 6ft 2in swimmer.

Now that bit’s fine. Many of us have our phobias. Many of us, however, could probably rationalise them a little better than this…

“[Fish are] not human. They don’t walk around. They’re different.”

If you share my reservations about the calibre of Britain’s education system over the last 10 years, I’m thinking that this quote probably doesn’t reassure you a whole lot.

“Davies let on his fish phobia when his coach Kevin Renshaw suggested adding the 10km race to the 1500m pool discipline at which Davies has already won Olympic bronze and Commonwealth gold.

…The 1.7 billion cubic metres of water needed to fill the competition waterways will be drinking water, taken from Miyuan reservoir.

But there could be a few unwanted guests when Davies hits the water as this reservoir is understood to contain species such as tench, carp and trout, which – at a maximum weight of 30kg – can grow to the size of a small child.

Last January he took part in a 10km event in South Africa as preparation for the Olympics, which open this Friday.

“I was very nervous about it,” he said. “I actually said to Kevin: ‘I’m getting out after 100m if there are fish in the water that I don’t like’.”

After last Wednesday’s post, I propose to pass no further comment on this story. But that’s the only reason…


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