Top 10 Family Travel Vacations


“1. Fly fishing, Scotland

If you’re [sic] kids love to fish this is the ideal location where you can fish for salmon or trout…

…7. Ice Hotel, Quebec, Canada

Families with kids are more than welcome at this amazing hotel, constructed entirely of ice and snow, for either overnight stays or day trips.”

I don’t know if they’re ranked in order of appeal but, if so, the notion that fly fishing in Scotland even beats a hotel made entirely of ice and snow makes my chest fair swell with pride.

[pic courtesy of azrainman]


The man with the best logo in flyfishing’s blogosphere is professionally on the move, leaving New York City behind in favour of leafy Connecticut. The Jewish Ledger has the low-down…

“Pondering the connections between “God, trout, and religion,” Eisenkramer may be the only writer whose articles appear in both Trout Magazine and Reform Judaism magazine.”

I, at least, will give Eric the benefit of the doubt and assume that fishing played no part in his relocation deliberations. I’d simply point out that just because he’s put a few more miles between him and Hell’s Kitchen, it doesn’t mean he can be complacent


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