Are there anglers in your family tree?

The Little Egret Press is compiling a book on trout fishing in England’s River Thames, made up of passages from Edwardian and Victorian fishing books. They are very keen to hear from any relatives of authors of the following works:

An Anglers Rambles by Edward Jesse (John Van Voorst, 1836)

A Book on Angling by Francis Francis (Hebert Jenkins Limited, 1867)

Trolling for Pike, Salmon and Trout by H. Cholmondeley-Pennell (George Routledge and Sons, 1875)

Notes on Fish and Fishing by J. J. Manley (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1877)

The Practical Fisherman by J. H. Keene (Bazaar Office, 1881)

The Book of the All Round Angler by John Bickerdyke (L. Upcott Gill, 1888)

Near and Far by William Senior (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1890)

The Days of My Life by John Bickerdyke (Longmans, Green and Co., 1895)

Coarse Fish by Charles H. Wheeley (George Routledge and Sons, Limited, 1897)

The Modern Angler by otter (L. Upcott Gill, 1898)

Everybodys Book on Angling by F. H. Amphlett (F. V. White & Co., Ltd., 1901)

An Anglers Autobiography by F. M. Halford (Vinton & Co., 1903)

What I Have Seen While Fishing by Philip Geen (T. Fisher Unwin, 1905)

Days Stolen for Sport by Philip Geen (T. Werner Laurie, 1906)

My Fishing Days and Fishing Ways by J. W. Martin (W. Brendon & Son, Limited, 1906)

The Delightful Life of Pleasure on the Thames by Red Quill (Horace Cox, 1912)

Green Days and Blue Days by Patrick R. Chalmers (Methuen & Co., 1912)

Lines in Pleasant Places by William Senior(Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ltd., 1920)

Trout Fishing Memories and Morals by H. T. Sheringham (Hodder and Stoughton, 1920)

Fireside Fishing by A. Courtney Williams (A. & C. Black, Ltd., 1928)

A Fishermans Angles by Patrick R. Chalmers (Country Life Limited, 1931)

At the Tail of the Weir by Patrick R. Chalmers (Philip Allan, 1932)

The Anglers England by Patrick R. Chalmers (Seeley Service & Company Limited, 1938)

Modern Trout Angling by W. Carter Platts (Adam & Charles Black, 1938)

Angling Diversions by A. Courtney Williams (Herbert Jenkins Limited, 1945)

Trout of the Thames by A. Edward Hobbs (Herbert Jenkins Limited, 1947)

The Monarch of the Thames by Warren Hastings (Published Privately, 1955)

If any of your ancestors are named above, you can contact LEP via their website.

Oh and I’m as intrigued by the smiley faces as you are. The WordPress software appears to find certain uses of the number 8 rather amusing…


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