Green alternative to line-winders

Make the most of this: it’s not often I presume to dispense fishing advice but Saturday saw me experience enlightenment on not one but two fronts – loading a tidy reel and finding an alternative excuse for not mowing the lawn (“I’m developing habitat,” is becoming a little tired).

Not having the biggest hands in the world, filling a reel – keeping the line moderately taut and distributing it across the full width of the spool as you wind on – doesn’t come naturally to me. I start well but aching ligaments and tendons as I endeavour to co-ordinate the whole operation usually means that the line ends up lying about as tidily as if I’d flung it into the corner of my shed.

Getting ready to fish on Saturday and with time moving on, I gave up in disgust, turned the reel the right way up and just wound on, hoping for the best, with the line sliding towards me across the lawn (no matter how carefully I hang fly line on the shed wall in between fishing sessions, there is always an untangling job to be done before I can re-load it, which leaves me at one end of the grass and the bulk of my line at the other)..

Then a wonderful thing happened. That same lawn, uncut now for three weeks, turned out to be long enough to ‘grip’ the line, putting it under just the right amount of tension and leaving me free to focus on moving the spool from side to side for that professional finish…

I’m no longer developing habitat. I’m “readying my line-winder for my next fishing trip”. And you just can’t rush these things.


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