Even more tenuous than “Oscar nominee”…

Taunted By Waters is delighted to acknowledge its first exploitable endorsement – you know, the kind that’s soundbite-sized and can be hawked around all over your publicity material. If you had publicity material.

Admittedly, it falls into the ‘double-edged sword’ category of endorsements, alongside “three-time Oscar nominee” (ie “never good enough to win the darn thing“) and “Praise for John Doe’s last book…” (ie “hasn’t been so forthcoming for his latest book“) but nevertheless, we’re sure Trout Underground‘s heart is in the right place when it refers to TbW as “delightfully twisted“.

When a decent interval has elapsed and it doesn’t come across as quite so desperate, I’ll work out a way to put the words in the blogosphere equivalent of flashing lights beneath the masthead.

But that needn’t stop you corporate types. We all know how keen you are to throw money at anything delightfully twisted. Form an orderly queue at the sponsorship desk.


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