Making consumers drool over crap

All right, this can’t just be coincidence – first it’s Moose Drool beer, then I’m drying my flies in Scotland last week with something called Frog’s Fanny (a somewhat ruder anatomical innuendo over here than it is in the US) and now this:

“EK’s same award winning anti-fog Cat Crap solution in a thinned formula for our 1oz. liquid spray. Safe on all lenses.

As we say in on-line poker circles, WTF?

I can only assume that this is the latest warped evolutionary phase for American executive machismo. So competitive is the corporate jungle nowadays that it’s no longer enough just to shift product: the true alpha-salesman shifts product despite the most unhelpful brand-names imaginable.

Drool that you drink; fanny you apply with a brush; crap you smear on your sunglasses.

I wait with bated breath for Satan’s Snot Baby Milk…


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