“Today’s higher plane of consciousness is cancelled…”

The perpetrators of the latest inadvertent fish slaughter get off a little lightly today, if only because I’m still trying to work out how something called the Song of the Morning Yoga Centre comes to be operating a dam.

“Operating”, it turns out, may be something of a loose term.

“Several miles of the Pigeon River were decimated last week because someone at the Song of the Morning Ranch, a yoga center, apparently screwed up when opening a gate on a private hydroelectric dam and released tons of soft black silt,” says a follow-up report

Apparently, the Song of the Morning Centre owns a low-head hydroelectric dam on its property.

“The result for thousands of trout and prey fish and countless numbers of crayfish, mayfly larvae and other aquatic creatures was the same as for humans who try to breathe dense smoke – suffocation…

…’We didn’t find anything but little fish. They probably survived near springs. We didn’t find a single live brown trout. We did collect three bags of dead brown trout in a little over a mile,’ Nuhfer said. ‘There’s no way to say for sure, but we probably got 10% of the dead trout. The water was so dirty we couldn’t see most of them.’

As Nuhfer talked, Cwalinski and a couple of other DNR workers poured 75 rotting brown trout onto the ground in a parking lot near the DNR’s Pigeon River campground, laid them out in rows and began measuring…

…They were the kind of fish that fuel the economy in small towns such as Vanderbilt and Wolverine, where anglers will drive hundreds of miles to catch fish.

Asked how long it would take to rebuild the trout population in that section of the river, Nuhfer said years.”

I see the Song of the Morning Centre is hosting a Conflict & Emotional Awareness course from 17-19 October:

“Conflict in your life is like a signpost along the path telling you which way to go and what to expect along the way.”

Something tells me they might like to bring that forward a few months…


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