Trout assaults pensioner

Until now, getting a thick lip from a trout has been a purely surgical concept.

Not damaging enough to the dignity of our favourite fish in the eyes of some numskulls, however. They now prefer the more direct approach:

“Tom was cycling on the A928 Kirriemuir-Glamis route, close to Roundyhill. A van, smaller than a Transit, flashed by, clipping the mirror of his bike, the passenger taking the opportunity to slap Tom round the lugs with a fish.” Forfar Dispatch

I was trying to work out if this was some kind of McMafia gesture; the celtic equivalent of a dead canary, when I was drawn to the fact that a Scottish newspaper deems it necessary to include a picture with its report so that occupants of one of the world’s great flyfishing nations can discover what a trout looks like.

I don’t know who’s picture editor at the Forfar Dispatch but something tells me he or she may be a townie…


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