Makin’ me proud to be a fisherman…

While Trout Underground articulates with customary elan its delight at the discovery of ‘super-earths‘ orbiting another sun, it modestly omits to point out that it alone has detected the main thrust of the story – fresh fishin’ – while what seems like the world and his wife has stormed the original report’s comments page with the mother and father of all religious spats.

One voice.

One lone voice in the wilderness.

And it’s that of a flyfisherman.

It’s almost messianic.

I’ve taken it upon myself to visit the comments page and tell them so, too. Now we sit back and wait for atheists and Christians to find common ground for the first time in 2,000 years. Beating up on anglers.

Trout Underground, the glory is all yours.

One thought on “Makin’ me proud to be a fisherman…

  1. Thanks for the kind words. The only belief-based wars we countenance on the Underground is more of the “slaw dog vs burrito as fly fishing’s perfect fuel” type.

    That way, nobody’s going to hell for trying out the other guy’s perspective.

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