Further proof that the rich don’t have recessions

I’m prepared to be a little more charitable than Singlebarbed when it comes to CEOs partying like it’s 1999 in the throes of a worsening recession.

Sure, it’s not the best time to be flagging up corporate fishing challenges, regardless of how much money they might raise for the national flyfishing team but then sensitivity has long been one of the first items of ballast jettisoned by those scaling the corporate ladder.

And, you can argue, even God needed a day off.

All I ask is that if any CEO who applies to take part happens to run one of the financial crapshoots institutions whose greed and incompetence got the world’s economy into this mess in the first place, the organisers are man enough to show him/her the door.

There’s rubbing our noses in it, then there’s really rubbing our noses in it.

[Pic courtesy of blmurch]

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