Oh, the shattered dreams when you Google “trout”

In the daily quest for fly fishing stories, all sorts of news leads are thrown up that fairly burst with promise, until you click on them.

You can imagine my excitement at Trout lands fight on television, for example.

Alas, Austin Trout is a boxer.

And then there’s this gem:

My Inner Bimbo – The climactic issue of Sam Kieth and Xeric Award-winning Josh Hagler’s darkly surreal and sometimes comedic look at modern day relationships in the age of internet pornography. How will Lo reconcile his inner voices? What role does the Mysterious Magic Trout and his magic box play in all of this?”

What role indeed? Sadly, I’m told in no uncertain terms that it’s not the job of of Trout Fisherman to find out…

[Pic courtesy of dangermain]

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