There may be a bigger fishing story today…

…but I doubt it.

Lakes across Canada face being turned into mine dump sites – reports CBC News, which claims to have details of 16 Canadian lakes that are to be “officially but quietly” – love that bit – “reclassified as toxic dump sites for the mines. The lakes include prime wilderness fishing lakes from British Columbia to Newfoundland.”

I was going to keep this factual and unemotive. It’s not my country, mining isn’t my area of expertise and I’m by no means oblivious to the world’s need to harvest its natural resources.

Imperial Metals exploration manager Steve Robertson lights my blue touchpaper, however, when he includes this line in the vanguard of his company’s defence:

“[the planned Red Chris mine] is a project that can bring a lot of good jobs, long-term jobs, well-paying jobs to a community that desperately needs it”

If there’s one thing that exposes the shallowness of Man more than notches on the bedpost, it’s the old prosperity-beats-all argument: the view that profit and an enhanced economy are invariably the knockout blow to fears for the environment.

That this should be one of the first arguments an industry reaches for when a story of this magnitude hits the fan makes your toes curl, especially when articulated by an executive whose own long-term environmental aim is probably the kind of gated retirement paradise where not so much as a stray toffee-wrapper hits the lawns without armed security hustling the culprit to the floor.

Try fighting your corner again, Steve Robertson. And know that it needs to be much, much better than your first attempt.


2 thoughts on “There may be a bigger fishing story today…

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  2. Hi,
    I caught your post about Canadian lakes being turned into dumps and I
    thought I’d drop you a line. My name is Thom Duggan and I’m one of the many Canadians working to end this backward plan. So, I just wanted to say hi and thank you, for one.

    One of the ways we’re going to be trying to keep Canadians involved
    and informed on this issue is though the blogging circles in Canada.

    I’d like it if you’d agree to join our “blogcorps”. It’s mostly just a
    special list that we’d keep of bloggers, like yourself, who would like updates and alerts about the issue from time to time (no
    coverage-obligation, of course). Some bloggers have signaled that they want to get involved more deeply in the campaign, and that’s great too.

    If you’d like some background information even now on the issue, I can send you a few things. Or if you’d like to get in touch with someone from the campaign, either nationally or in your general area, we’ll be able to do that stuff, too (we have a webpage coming soon that will bring local citizens, bloggers, scientists, and activists together…more on that later).

    We’ve been blown away by the response online; thanks for being a part of that. Would you like to receive updates from us on this in the future?

    Thom Duggan
    Coalition to Stop Lake Dumping

    thom.duggan [at] gmail

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