You can stick your ‘bonding’ where the sun don’t shine…

It’s a hard business, this writing lark – 1,250 words to build a mood in this background piece on Lou Ureneck and his father-and-son book Backcast and just 42 words to demolish it, thanks to one unimpressed reader’s comment.

As chance would have it, I read the opening chapter of Backcast via the fabulous Google Books last night and it shows promise. Not that I envisage Barbara Moss beating a track to her local bookstore…

“I guess no one read this lame story. I didn’t either. I just read the photo caption and could tell it was fodder. Like anyone cares about these two dweebs and their “rift”. They look like a couple of goons. WHO cares?”

I’m thinking Barbara has no kids of her own. Or she just caught them stealing from her purse…


This may be getting a little too esoteric where fishing retrospectives are concerned but I was rather interested in reading how the transportation of stocked fish has improved over the years:

“The 1970s-vintage trucks Foulk first used to haul fish were ‘awful,’ he said. All came with a standard — up to 13 speeds — manual transmission. The tanks leaked. There was no air conditioning, not even a radio — considered a distraction. And every hour, liberators were required to stop, crawl up on the tank and check to see if the fish were still swimming.”


Pic of the Day – just that brief, tantalising glimpse of water is all it takes…

3 thoughts on “You can stick your ‘bonding’ where the sun don’t shine…

  1. Nicolas,
    Just been back to your site. Those are some beautiful pictures you have there. Visiting Argentina is one of my long-term ambitions: a week’s fishing, finished off by tickets for Boca v River Plate (for any American non-soccer types reading this – think Red Sox/Yankees without the compassion).

    Thanks for reminding me about my Pic of the Day feature I used to run. I’d forgotten all about it but you’ve persuaded me to bring it back.

    Best wishes,


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