Anglers beware: whole lotta pink coming our way

I have no problem with women anglers. I Just wish they’d find a new colour. Beneath a headline for which the journalist concerned is probably still congratulating himself, comes the story of FisherGirl: all of it fine, except this bit:

“Dressed in a pink and black hoodie with a pink cap designed to accommodate her ponytail (all of which bore the word “FisherGirl”), the diminutive Cherwoniak approached the shore and took her place among the men. She cast her pearl-pink rod into the foamy river…”

You may note a recurrent theme.

Please don’t get me wrong girls – this isn’t me.

Fish all you want, where you want. Humiliate us men with your skill if you can and I’ll be the first to applaud.

Just lose the pink.

I’m no great fan of relentless moss and khaki where fishing apparel is concerned, either, but at least they don’t jar on the eye like Marlboro red in a graveyard.


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