Fishing competitions – indifference remains the winner

I enjoyed it but…jeez…some people…”

I knew just what was coming. I, too, stand on the threshold of an alien world when I contemplate the idea of fishing competitions. Unlike me, however, he had been prepared to take that one step further and while the match hadn’t been devoid of camaraderie by any means, let’s just say he’d noticed a glint in some people’s eyes that he’d rather wasn’t there.

“‘How many’d you get?’ everyone wanted to know. ‘How many’d you get…?’,” he remembered.

Then there were those who scarpered for the best spots an hour before the contest’s afternoon session was even supposed to start. “Just to set up,” they’d insisted. The lake was too big for everyone to be policed, so you had to take their word for it. Which didn’t help.

But the prize; the unofficial prize, the one engraved with the words ‘Best Example of Why Some Folk Would Rather Shoot their Kids Than Fish Competitions’, went to the man who carefully wrapped his flies in silver foil between sessions, so that no-one could see what he was using.

My guy was having none of it. “You planning on cooking those flies, then…?” he’d asked him.


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