Fly fishing – the depravity festering in our midst

Sherlock Holmes would be proud. When it comes to winkling out the real criminals in our Society, no-one but no-one does it like the British…

On the one hand: “Foreign criminals could be working air-side at Britain’s airports because of a loophole in vetting requirements

“Since 2003 all staff who work in the “restricted zone” of terminals have had to undergo UK criminal records checks, but offences committed abroad are not covered. This means that the estimated “thousands” of foreigners who work airside at British airports may not have been fully vetted.”

But on the other hand: “School head faces sack over fishing rod licence

“Mr Yeomans was fly fishing for trout last summer, when a bailiff told him that his licence had expired. He paid a £50 fine immediately but the offence has popped up on an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check.
And now he is still waiting to hear if he is deemed officially fit to run St John’s Church Of England Primary School in Walsall, West Midlands. [the chair of governors]‘had to visit me and, in effect, he was being asked if I was fit to work with children for forgetting to renew my rod licence.'”
Sounds like an apt moment to revisit the old Obituary of Common Sense

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