“Beer and moose saliva: it’s a great fit…”

Fishing beer of the day – hell, the year – is Moose Drool.

So many questions…

How deep into a brain-storming session must marketing people be for this to seem like a great name for a product you put in your mouth?

And the colleagues who nodded sagely and called the guy who came up with it ‘inspired’: they’re just hanging him out to dry on the altar of public opinion because they hate him, right?

And just how DO you get people to wear a Moose Drool hat?

Never have I felt as distant from the American psyche as I do right now.


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  1. […] Fanny, Moose Drool, products All right, this can’t just be coincidence – first it’s Moose Drool beer, then I’m drying my flies in Scotland last week with something called Frog’s Fanny (a […]


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