I’m wondering if this could be their best so far, largely because Iceland is still something of a novelty where fly fishing is concerned. Love those casting grunts in the last segment: they’d lose something in translation, I suspect.


Not quite sure how fishing squeezes in alongside bull running, sky diving and bungy jumping, in Top 10 Macho Trips for Men but after yesterday’s goings-on at the hands of Pastor Wayne, I’m taking any reflected glory I can get right now.


Great opportunities for fishermen, courtesy of Craigslist.com:

“Slightly overwieght [sic] In need of a guy that loves camping fishing – w4m

I need a real man, spicy twenty six years old suggestive fem is searching for plain don juan 4 great great sex. I prefer to stay near my home when we play, and I don’t like to many questions. I want a guy who loves star wars and doesn’t mind that I’m Hooter’s girl. I am looking for a sexy friend with benefits and no more. I am inhibited unless you are will to take control of the situation. If you’re interested in what I have to offer then respond with a pic and I will do the same.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Every member of the Underground’s Vast Corporate Management Team has gotta ask: What are you doing skimming the Craigslist Personals?


  2. Posted by False Caster on April 18, 2008 at 8:29 am


    I saw the thing on my list of available Netvibes.com widgets, noticed the ‘keywords’ option and saw the chance for a little light entertainment for my readers.

    I did have a link to a church that appeared to be offering free fly rods but when I went back to post it, the link had gone.

    I appreciate you only have my word for all this, of course…


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