If trout had PR people; they’d be screaming…

Not a good spell, of late, for positive fishing imagery. First Rimblr.com gives us the trout as politician (“…we have to admire politicians whose sense of loyalty to the electorate rivals that of a horny trout…”) and then Larry Diehl gives us the fisherman as Beelzebub (“The Devil is a great and skillful angler. His bait has never changed. And – he’s fishing for you!”).

And then there’s someone called Pastor Wayne, using a trout that’s clearly had a really bad experience with an oven, to “…get his point across.” The point being, hopefully, that Pastor Wayne needs to stay out of the kitchen.


And while I’m on the subject of breaking the spell, here’s Julie, who is (a) a woman and (b) apparently blowing to smithereens the theory that bright colours kill fishing.

Nothing seems sacred anymore. Not even if your name’s Pastor Wayne.


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