‘Buster’ on my mind…

Three reasons I mention Buster Wants to Fish today:

1. I watched A River Runs Through It last weekend and discovered that Buster Wants to Fish is not, after all, a blog name plucked from some random, drunken reverie:

‘Rowhide: Buster here wants to fish.

Norman: You’re late, Neal.

Neal: Yeah, I didn’t get in till late.

Paul: I didn’t get in at all.

Norman: Neal, Paul. Paul, Neal.

Paul: In Montana, we’re never late for church, work, and fishing.’

2. They introduced me to the concept of avocado with your bacon and eggs when I asked them to explain the green substance to the left of plate in this post (I had it down as soggy asparagus. As Mrs Taunted will tell you, cuisine isn’t my strong suit). Avocado for breakfast may be no big deal in America but in the UK, it’s distinctly avant garde. I now have some on standby for the very next occasion the sands of time let me run to something other than toast.

3. Their heroine and the world’s Greatest Holder-Upper has once again graced their pages

This list, you’ll appreciate, is in reverse order of importance.

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