Review- ‘Man vs Fish: The Fly Fisherman’s Eternal Struggle’

1.jpgTaylor Streit is not one of these bastards,” writes John Holt. “He’s the real deal, one of the last of his kind. A dinosaur.

“He makes a marginal living from guiding out of Taos and Chama, tying flies and writing books that also include Fly Fishing: A Guide’s Guide to Better Fishing and Fly Fishing New Mexico. I can tell. In my own way I’ve been and am there. He lives for being in good country and fishing for whatever is lurking around the next bend in the river. Getting rich or famous are off his map…

“This says a lot to me. The land, the river, the experience of being there mean as much or more to Streit as catching fish. My kind of guy.

“There are sections on the Rio Grande, New Mexico, South America, Salt Water, even Hunting, one titled Collateral Damage and finally Which Way’s Upstream. All of them are illustrated with a solid selection of color and black-and-white photographs. And he can take a reader to these locations with ease…

“I didn’t give Man vs Fish five stars because it’s written as well as say Trout Madness or Trout Magic by Robert Traver or anything by Roderick Haig Brown, though I suspect that as Streit progresses as a writer he will approach these two in delivery. The book received the top rating because of its honest, humble approach to something I care deeply about. A rare thing these days.”


As I feared, the official Milltown Dam demolition coverage was pretty lame last Friday. Thankfully, YouTube comes to our aid once more:

When you’ve grown up on a certain war movie, however, this dainty destruction is a bit so-what in comparison:

Clearly, some things are best saved for times of global conflict.

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