Floor it for fish

Secondary to my concern that the game industry may be feeling the pinch is my concern that the response may involve budgeting for crime.

“Other fundraising strategies range from sales taxes on outdoor sporting goods, as in Texas, to Florida’s surcharges on speeding tickets, said Douglas Shinkle, a policy associate at the National Conference of State Legislatures”

To me, fines are something you raise purely with deterrence in mind. Come the year’s end, you see how much it has raised and then you decide how best to use the money.

Once you start formally anticipating a penal windfall in your budget forecast, on the other hand, you paint yourself into an uneasy moral corner where, deep in your subconscious, you’re rooting for lawbreakers. Dress it up how you want but that’s where you’re at. Someone floors it through a built-up area in Tampa and it’s high-fives all round at the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

I’m not sure this represents civilisation’s finest hour.


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