Cold shower Thursday at ‘Taunted by Waters’

I love it when people suggest there’s a thinly-veiled eroticism in any of my hobbies. If Gordon Wickstrom didn’t have an erection by the time he finished writing this article, then it wasn’t for want of trying:

“There’s something particularly feminine about fishing. It has something to do with water – that elemental association of the female with water. I think of Venus rising from the foam in Botticelli’s famous painting. Women own the water, and make us out of it…”

“Until comparatively recent times, women commonly fished with a romantic, even sensuous, happy abandon…”

“Gordon called this lady, without naming her, “the best fishing chum” he ever had – even as her long black skirts dragged sodden up the riffle…”

“They complete that essential equation of a Venus rising from the water, in the depths of which resides that great, erotic energy of life itself, the fish of all fish, that we all hope to catch.”

“…her long black skirts dragged sodden up the riffle” – now there’s a man in thrall to his desires…


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