McCartney gets back to where he once belonged

Just in case Sir Paul McCartney thought there might be an extension of the goodwill that flowed towards him during his divorce proceedings (even Brits, who traditionally hate any wealth that isn’t theirs, make an exception for someone who’s had Heather Mills bending his ear for four years) here’s Gene Mueller to put him right.

The Washington Times‘ writer sees McCartney reprising an old theme by featuring in a PETA campaign and he wants the record changed.

“McCartney will appear on PETA ads, baggy eyes and all, with a message about sticking to vegetables because, after once hooking a fish, he said, ‘I realized as I watched him fight for breath that his life was as important to him as mine is to me.’

“Baggy eyes”? Just for a moment, the gratuitous dig made me wonder if Ms Mills herself was behind the article.

But then it only runs to 302 words.

“Sir Paul, if you honestly believe that we will stop fishing because you think a fish’s life is as important as a human’s, forget it. About one in every four Americans fishes recreationally, so you will need more than good luck to succeed in stopping us. By the way, whatever it is you’re smoking, you need to stop. It’s messing up your brain.”

No pun intended, Sir Paul, but I think the honeymoon period’s over…


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