The greatest love of all

camo1.jpg Learning to love yourself clearly presents no problem for the man with one of the best names in flyfishing.

Wolf Avni’s collection of fishing stories pictured alongside is fulsomely praised by several reviewers in a sample of quotes featured on the back cover.

“His way with words exceeds even his renowned fly-fishing skills,” writes The Citizen‘s Ian Smith. “A unique book by a unique character,” adds the Sunday Times Metro‘s Charles Norman, while others hail his “sharp vision” and “elegant turn of phrase”.

“…writing that is a thrill in itself,” gushes one Robert Kirby and just when you think that can’t be topped, someone else declares that “If you’re only ever gonna buy one book, buy this one!”

Whaaat?! Ahead of the Bible, the Koran, A Brief History of Time, Catch 22? Someone really likes this book: who on earth can it be?

Wolf Avni, that’s who. At the end of his reviews, the author chooses to add his own.

Maybe this has happened before in the history of publishing but it’s a new one on me. Perhaps we should praise Wolf’s restraint in adding it to the bottom of the list and not the top.

But you know what? Sometimes, when chutzpah is so brazen, you can’t help but warm to the person responsible. One of my favourite characters at the first firm I worked for was the man with so little faith in his secretary’s abilities that he organised his own leaving whip-round. He rolled up at the door of everyone’s office, said “I’m leaving on Friday, do you want to contribute to my present?” and brandished an envelope in front of us. So thrown were we, everyone chipped in without demur.

You’ve sold me, Wolf. I’ll buy your damn book.


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