Camo makes fishing snobbery stand out a mile

camo.jpgI can almost feel the draught from the shudders of horror that will stir throughout flyfishing when this one hits the UK: a leading camouflage clothing company is toying with the idea of branching out into flyfishing.

Here, at least, camo clothing is seen as the uniform of the coarse angler, as inextricably interwoven with the baitfishing brigade as the orange sash is with Irish Protestantism. And – to those who insist on making fishing a them-and-us issue – just as provocative.

Me? I just think camo is taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I remember the story told by one tackle shop owner about the day an angler decked head to toe in camo entered his shop. It was when he produced a camo wallet that the shopowner decided to have some fun.

He carried on tidying the counter, seemingly oblivious to his customer standing just inches away from him, until the latter politely coughed.

“Sorry mate,” said the shopkeeper, suddenly looking up. “Didn’t see you there…”

[Pic courtesy of IJsendoorn]

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