Sometimes, a flyfisherman’s only ‘double’ are his standards…

Ah, the shifting sands of flyfishing morality. A cheap jibe at bait anglers gets the Tennessee Valley Angler‘s knickers in a right knot. “I ain’t biting…,” he storms, having spent seven paragraphs biting harder than a malnourished puma.

Meanwhile, over at New York’s Salmon River, there’s a minor backlash brewing, as fly anglers learn that they’ll have to leave all that split-shot to the bait and spinner boys this autumn…

I’m not terribly receptive to all this right now, ploughing as I am an increasingly bleak furrow through Richard Dawkins‘ book The God Delusion.

Eternal paradise v Oblivion.

Bait fishing v flyfishing.

I leave you to guess which hot potato will tax me more this weekend.


You’re incapable of thinking for yourself or else just can’t be bothered. Once again, someone out there is willing to bail you out. You lucky, lucky swine…

36 Fishing Trips For 2008: “Do you want a shot at the best fishing in the Pacific Northwest? Here are our picks – three for each month – for dropping lines in the right place, at the right time”

And for anyone eyeing Scotland…

Best fishing spots for beginners: STOP PRESS – Ignore Loch Fitty: according to Trout Fisherman it’s currently closed and its abandoned lodge laid waste to by the local barbarians. Rumour mill says coal board owners want to turn the loch into an opencast mine. Coal board owners say they’re just waiting for water quality to improve, after the 2006 heatwave and peat run-off following deforestation did bad things to the loch’s acidity and oxygen levels.

Taunted by Waters says how many damn lochs do you need anyway?


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