Whom does this hurt more?

PETA Banner

I know it lets off some steam.

I know the minority of anti-fieldsports campaigners who see terrorism and exhumation of human corpses as a valid form of protest deserve nothing more.

But when I see this kind of banner on fishing and hunting websites, I ask myself what a ‘floating voter’ in the bloodsports debate would make of us when he read it.

The Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens once made the point that, whatever the contempt we may have for political correctness, we will not dismantle it by abusing its proponents but by politely demonstrating the folly of their philosophy.

I think that applies to our debate also. If all we can do in the face of PETA is hurl brickbats that drip with puerile scorn, then the only thing occupying the moral high ground is tumbleweed.


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