The world’s most expensive fish. For now…

An underwater camera snapped a picture of a 21-inch steelhead trout using the Ventura River’s $9.5 million fish ladder.

Biologists believe it’s the first steelhead this year to pass through the fish ladder, which was built to allow the endangered trout to go upstream around the Robles Diversion that sends water to Lake Casitas.

The trout was seen on the ladder last Thursday. The following day, a 25-inch trout was seen using the ladder” – San Jose Mercury News

Which, by my reckoning, makes it £4.75m a fish. What do you suppose the average must drop to before the person who signed the cheque gets a full night’s sleep?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Maybe if they hadn’t decimated the run to begin with, the ROI would be better.

    This is simply paying the bill that was due decades ago, and what will the numbers look like a few years from now if the runs come back.


  2. It could be the lad signing the check was already asleep, I’m never quite sure – especially if the government paid for it..


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