“Let me tie that Woolly Bugger on for you, judge…”

Crackdown Proposed on Judges’ Free Trips, Lavish Gifts

Federal judges who receive all-expense paid trips and lavish gifts from activist groups may soon find their ability to participate in such trips, labeled junkets by critics, called educational by defenders, limited…”They take judges to western resorts and they instruct them how and why to strike down environmental laws,” said Doug Kendall, the executive director of Community Rights Counsel, a public interest law firm…”We file briefs,” he said. “Meanwhile, our opponents are flying judges to resorts and dissecting our arguments while fly-fishing with the judges in Yellowstone National Park.””

Far be it from me to tell another country how to run its affairs but I thought wooing of the judiciary was confined to closing arguments in the courtroom. How the hell has this only just become an issue?

My compliments to the ABC reporter, nevertheless, for the best non-sexual double entendre I’ve seen in years:

“Justice Scalia’s trip did not violate Supreme Court ethics code because there was no code of ethics for Supreme Court justices.”


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