My kind of feng shui

The Ray Brook FrogAnyone who savours the fishing lodge ambience will love The Ray Brook Frog.

How easy it would be to turn your home into something out of The Waltons with one spree through this New York state emporium.

“The Ray Brook Frog store offers a large selection of rustic style hickory furniture and accessories. Old Hickory, Rustic Integrity, and Genesee River, are just some of the fine furniture companies that we offer, along with a great selection of indoor and outdoor rustic style lighting, and great lodge style accessories.”

Their speciality, in case you missed it, is ‘rustic’.

I’m sold already on the antler ice scooper, even if the birch accessories page fell slightly short of what I was hoping for.

Every fishery owner worth his salt should make a five-grand cheque out to Ray Brook Frog forthwith and tell them to get themselves over here and work their magic on our lodges.

Their sister site – Old Hickory – also has export potential. Just roll your mouse over the ‘Bedding’ link on the left and note the slogan: ‘Rustic by Nature. Elegant by Design’.

A Saturday-night mission statement for just about every 18-year-old girl in Britain…


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